How You Can Apply With Mortgage Bad Credit?


Online Application With Mortgage Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit and now you want a mortgage. This article will probably helps you. One of the most daunting tasks a person can face in his life is applying for a mortgage. Bad credit doesn't help the situation, either. No matter how I searched online for a suitable company within our national city mortgage.

Neither my husband nor I had great credit and this made us apprehensive about applying for a mortgage. We decided to do a little research and we found that a mortgage broker would be the best way to go for our loan application. Part of the reason that we decided to look into using a mortgage broker was because it was recommended to us by the person selling the home.

The woman who was selling her home had questionable credit but the mortgage found a decent loan for her mortgage, bad credit and all. If it worked for her, it would work for us. We didn’t have awful credit, but we did have a few rough times when we were single. Even though the late payments were not current, they still stuck out on our credit report. When considering a mortgage bad credit loomed over our heads, haunting us from years ago.

Mortgage bad credit can be a serious situation for a prospective borrower. We found that we were in the same shape as most American couples. We didn’t have spotless credit, but it wasn’t ideal. Our mortgage broker worked with us and gave us a list of information that he needed to get us the best loan rate he possible could.

We found a number of mistakes on our credit reports, which was extremely irritating. Many of the balances showing on our credit reports had been paid off years ago. One of the paid accounts was through Beneficial Finance and it took me literally weeks to straighten the problem out. I made phone call after phone call and just wasn’t getting anywhere.

I just couldn’t get to talk to an actual person. I spent hours pressing one for this and three for that… I thought that the company would probably want to talk to someone who was going to send money, so I finally decided to select the option for paying on an account. All of a sudden, I was speaking to a person.

I explained that we were applying for a mortgage. Bad credit was standing in our way and part of the bad credit was a debt that had been settles a decade ago. Yes, the balance on the previously delinquent account had been paid in full over ten years ago and it was still showing a balance on my husband’s credit report. Fortunately, the company quickly rectified the situation.

I also found an account that I thought I had paid in full that was still showing a balance. The balance was very small and I immediately paid it. I was glad that we had an opportunity to clear everything up on our credit reports. Our broker found a great loan with a reasonable rate and we got our mortgage bad credit and all.

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