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How I Get Conned With Transfer Money Options

By Janice Telic
For the first time I have been using Computers and the Internet (Since the early eighties), I was at a lost for how to transfer money. Oh, sure I know how to use the absolute perfect system, Paypal, and knew immediately (When I first signed up as a free membership with Paypal) how to, in a Nutshell, transfer money from my Paypal account back to my Bank account, on the other words, the Withdrawal. There was an unusual and maddening transaction I want to tell about getting paid online for my writing works. Here's the story, in case anyone cares:

As a Freelance Writer who prefers Telecommuting (Not caring much for people who let us down left and right), I found my gigs, done my research, did the writing, and invoice to get paid for the all the writing online. This should interest you who wish to do the same, if even to help you avoid the nightmare I had experienced. Anyway. I have worked online for over two years. Two months ago, I "contracted" with a company to write articles, which, as their website thoroughly defined, would be paid for by them through the Writer's own choice of either Paypal, Western Union, or e-Gold.

Again, I prefer to transfer money through Paypal, as it is easier than learning to tie shoes; learning how to set up my account option, transfer money, get paid, etc.. I checked out e-Gold and was not impressed. Though minimalist in website design, it is also minimalist in information dispensation and in client services. Western Union is fine if you are about to be evicted and Mommy sends you a wired amount of dough from her IRA account, but Western U also charges a hefty chunk to do so. So I took on this project knowing they used the ever dependable, reliable, and long-standing Paypal.

When the paying-times came around, they started posting notes on the Writer Boards, saying they were "having trouble" with their Paypal accounts and would we all please signup an e-Gold accounts if we wanted to get paid on time; otherwise, they said, it would be a week or more through Paypal. I stuck with accepting the week or more option, as again I had no interested in hunks of Metal in place of real US currency.

Though, I was questioning myself why such a big company could have "trouble" with Paypal, considering how easy it is to send, receive, and transfer money with my own experiences UNLESS they were bullshitting about implying trouble and instead were greedily screwing someone somewhere, along the way and found that impossible to do with Paypal.

After ten days of getting no payments, I invoiced and waited, invoiced again and waited, emailed and waited, called and waited. I was ignored, given the de-railing maneuver of "please invoice this XXX account instead of this YYY account," and could not reach anyone by phones -- which either just ring and ring or give a voice recording that "no one is available." CLICK.

Finally, after doing an intensive investigation of those freaks, I found out they were not paying other Writers either; were buying brand new homes in states 3,000 miles away from where their addresses indicated they were, and were decidedly going to blow me/ us off, finally "spammed" their Writer Board. As no other address or phone number was real, no way to communicate left me pissed.

Well, as soon as I posted on the 20 boards the question of "Why we were not getting paid or emailed or answered by phone?" They emailed me again to open an e-Gold account. Aright. I figured the only way left to get anything from these fraudsters was to do it. (I could sue if I had to, after the e-Gold fell through too.)

Okay, so with four Credit Card bills, an IRS debt I have make monthly payments on, a friend to whom I owe him a little rental money, and an unusual need for food, electricity, and an ISP/ phone connection, I now had the money I needed to pay up. Or did I? I did NOT. I instead had a hunk of Gold or Silver or Platinum bullion, I had less than one unit of Metal, as the dollar amount in my Account did not reach the equivalent etc. I could not withdraw money from e-Gold, as they don't allow that. I could not be paid by Cheque or transfer money to others too, as they don't allow that either.

They do, however, REWARD clients for referrals commission. So the company with whom I started two months ago, the company who boasted of having 500 happy Writers, and the company who was having trouble with Paypal was in all actuality amassing chunks of rock that are of some value to someone other than myself. I ain' t Candida, and this ain' t El Dorado. I don't want lumps of meaningless crap. Give me back my #&**Q&$ money!

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