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Where To Find Free Credit Report Online For Score?

Is it actually possible to get a free credit report online. A quick search for supposed free credit report online services with no doubt yield you a bunch of different sights that actually aren’t free at all. But don't get despair now!

I just love the working definition of ‘free’ that so many people use today all over the internet. When I was growing up I’d always thought that free meant no cost obligation whatsoever, but today it pretty much means whatever you want it to mean.

Don’t lose heart though, because like I said you can actually get a free credit report online without any sneaky fees or catches. Well, okay, there’s pretty much always at least one catch, but on some sites the catch isn’t so bad.

One site I’ve come to use to get a free credit report online is in fact called free credit report Take out the spaces there and you have the address to a decent credit report service that is for the most part free of charge.

The catch with getting a free credit report online with them is that you have to sign up for membership with an additional service that will eventually cost you a repeating monthly fee. However, the first month does not have a fee, and the membership can be canceled at any time.

So assuming you remember to cancel it, you can get a free credit report online that actually is free of charge. There are a few other sites like ‘’ that offer similar arrangements as well.

Oh, there’s another little catch I should mention as well. A free credit report online is always going to be a very limited report. If you are just curious as to what your credit score is, these reports will be sufficient for you.

However if you want a detailed record of your credit history you are going to have to shell out some money. Most sights that offer a free credit report online also offer a more detailed one that becomes available when you sign up with a paid membership to their site.

While it’s a something of a pain to get a free credit report online that is actually free, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your credit score and well worth the effort in my opinion.

I check my credit score every few months just to make sure nothing funky is going on; credit ratings are like gold these days and you have to make sure you take care of yours!

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