Know The Facts Of Credit Card Interest Rate


Crucial Facts Of Credit Card Interest Rate

Have you ever experienced that nifty little piece of plastic known as the credit card? Well, chances are if you're out of high school, then you've probably snagged a credit card at some point or another. Read to know their interest rates and terms.

We tend to go after them when we realize that our incomes are not quiet measuring up, or our tuition is a tad overwhelming. The problem is we also tend to go a little crazy with our spending once we have these charging accessories.

Do you by any chance know what your credit card interest rate is? This is crucial if you're going to tote one around in your wallet or purse. No one wants to grapple with horrific monthly payments.

Whenever I receive a credit card pitch in the mail, it always emphasizes the wonderful credit card interest rate on the cover. Now, I would probably pay more attention to this if I wasn't receiving them on a daily basis. Who in the world wants all these credit card offers?

It's not like I want to charge up 50 different cards. I already have enough trouble dealing with my current credit card interest rate. Anyway, contrary to what they always display across the front of these envelopes, only a handful of these credit card offers are worth looking into.

You always have to read that fine print. It generally covers the back side of the pitching document. This is where they give you a dose of reality. Yes indeed, it's time for the real deal. That fabulous 0% credit card interest rate is actually only for the first year, and it probably only pertains to balance transfers.

Ah ha! They thought they were clever. The true interest rate is generally something less savory. And while a company may pitch a perfect credit card interest rate for the first year, it will sadly go way up to around 15% by the following year. No one wants that garbage.

If you are not currently aware of your credit card interest rate, then I suggest you do some checking. It's imperative because these things will change and you may not even notice. That's how sneaky those guys are. With the turn of a new year, you can bet that they're going to raise that credit card interest rate.

When this happens it may be time to search for a new card or call the company and have a serious talk. Yep, in the world of plastic, that credit card interest rate is certainly paramount.

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