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By Andy -
A professional business accounting service is able to specialize in all aspects of money management, so they will be able to do a flawless job running the financial aspects of your business. When my business was small, I had a secretary who handled accounting service, as well as other office management duties. She would be there to take dictations, to greet customers, to get me coffee, and everything else that you would expect from an office manager.

As my business continued to grow, however, the duties became too much for her. At first, I considered hiring on another secretary to work under her and help her with accounting services aspects of her job, but I was not sure whether that would work. It turned out to be a miserable failure. The new secretary was even less up to the job than the old one, and was a rather poor worker on top of it.

She billed herself as a financial wizard, but she was really nothing of the kind, once you got down to it. Instead, she simply wasted valuable time and money, while lowering our production even further. Soon, I knew it was time to fire her and hire a business accounting service to take over her position.

From the very first day, I was absolutely blown away by what the accounting services could accomplish. Their rates were reasonable when you considered how little time they took to do the accounting jobs. They worked by the hour, and were accomplishing in ten hours a week what would take my old secretary about twenty hours to do, and they were doing it better, with no misplaced files.

Hiring the accounting service also allows my secretary to concentrate more on her forte: communication. She now can spend more time communicating with the clients, which is great for expanding our business service for our customers and makes her happier as well. Since she don't need to fool around that cripple accounting software.

It is amazing how much money is lost each year through sloppy bookkeeping. Although I do not know the exact figures, it is estimated by some to be in the hundreds of millions, or even billions, so it is a significant problem for many businesses.

Although many owners of small businesses are hesitant to outsource, some times it makes a lot of sense to hire an accounting service to do your bookkeeping, balance sheets, collections, and payrolls, as well as any other financial services that you might need.

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