We’ve Changed the Name to Offer MORE

January 30th, 2013 by dman

If you’re a fan of our blog, you might be a little confused by the sudden change from “Charge Responsibly” to “Compare Wallet.” We felt the need to explain ourselves. Before we begin that though, we want to say thanks for sticking around. You’re the reason why we spend hours and hours developing stories, studies, and suggestions, all in the hopes of helping you out. You have no clue how important you really are. Now that we’re past the sappy part of this article, it’s time to face the facts. There is a whole lot more to money management than monitoring your credit cards. Charge Responsibly was originally set up to correspond to the credit cards offered on CompareCards.com , but we felt the site needed something extra…something new…something MORE. That’s where Compare Wallet comes into play. Rather than focusing on ...

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The Pros and Cons of Credit Union Credit Cards

January 25th, 2013 by netma

Credit unions are often confused for banks because they provide the same basic services. While both institutes offer financing, accounts, credit cards, and more, there are some key differences between them that you need to keep in mind. Some people purely use local credit unions, and others prefer nationwide banks. You have to decide which one is right for you. Since we’re all about the credit cards around here, we thought we should compare bank issued credit cards with those of credit unions to see which ones work the best in the end. You can use our analysis to make the right choice for your finances. Here are the pros and cons of credit union credit cards so you can determine if they fit your lifestyle. Pro: Great Customer Service Quite frankly...

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CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card Review – Why We Couldn’t Care Less

January 24th, 2013 by JeriEstataKit

Frequent CVS shoppers are often lured into signing up for an ExtraCare Rewards Card, with promises of great savings and cash back for their purchases. While some of this may be true, there is a lot more to this card than meets the eye. Unless you fulfill the specific requirements CVS sets out for you, you might not get a single penny out of your card – making it a waste of time more than anything else. Let’s take a look at how the CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card really works so you can decide if it’s right for you. CVS ExtraCare Card Features The CVS ExtraCare Card is similar to most in-store rewards ...

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Is Credit Card Consolidation Worth the Transfer Fees?

January 23rd, 2013 by Evanvadcags

In the post-2008 world we live in, many former credit card users are now looking for ways to combine their debts and lower their interest rates. This search typically leads people to credit card consolidation, where the balances from one or more cards are transferred to a card with a low APR. What most people don’t think about though is the balance transfer fee that almost every credit card has. That has to make you wonder…is credit card consolidation worth the transfer fees? We ran the numbers to figure out if this is a logical way to get rid of credit card debt. The article below highlights our results. What is a balance transfer fee? A ...

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Crunching the Numbers for the Snowball Method

January 19th, 2013 by algrani

The Snowball Method is considered one of the best ways to pay back debt in the modern world. With this option, you start by paying off your lowest debt and then progress upward until your largest debt is paid. The theory behind this is that paying off small debts will give you enough encouragement to continue the process with larger debts. That is why it works so well. For the longest time, people have talked about the costliness of the Snowball Method, assuming that leaving higher debts to the end would rack up more interest charges in the long run. We have even mentioned it to some of our visitors, claiming the exact same thing. When I went to develop a chart to illustrate this though, I was surprised by the results. It turns out the Snowball Method may actually ...

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How Square Is Changing the Credit Card Industry

January 15th, 2013 by pinkkbeach

Square. What once was a simple four-sided figure is now an innovative device sure to change the world – or at least the world of credit cards. With Square , merchants can turn their iPads and iPhones into credit card machines, swiping and charging wherever they go. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but it is liable to make a significant difference in your spending in the future. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the innovations coming from Square and what those mean for credit cards to come. What is Square? Square is a simple device that plugs into a jack on an iPad or iPhone. The iPad version has slightly more options than the iPhone version, but the overall ...

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How Can I Repair My Credit and Improve My FICO Credit Score?

January 15th, 2013 by ExhalaHalHews

If you’re reading this article, you’re trying to rebuild your credit from a difficult time. Most people experienced some decline in their credit scores after the economic downfall of 2008, and perhaps you’re finally at a point to fix yours. As easy as it is to get bad credit, it’s not-so-easy to rebuild. Nevertheless, you can get your credit score to the “fair” or “good” state in a matter of months if you take the right steps. Here are some great tips to help you repair your credit and improve your credit score. Start Paying Your Debts Off This is an obvious step to take, but it is one that will make the biggest difference in your credit ...

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PayPal Debit Card vs. PayPal Credit Card – What’s the Difference?

January 14th, 2013 by Plaliaorded

PayPal is “the world’s most loved way to pay and get paid.” At least, that’s what it tells me every time I log into my account. I never really got to vote on that, but perhaps I’ll leave that rant for another article. Right now, I’m focused on the PayPal Business Debit Card and the PayPal Extras MasterCard . I make my living on the internet, and every single client I have pays me through PayPal. Without it, I’m out on the streets – or at minimum, I’m left to find a new way to make money. Needless to say, having a PayPal card of some...

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The Best Business Credit Cards of 2013

January 13th, 2013 by Steven

In 2011, I started my very first (official) small business and also opened my first business credit card.  My personal credit wasn’t very good, so the only issuer that catered to my credit score was Capital One and I opened the Capital One Spark for Business.   I’ve since been able to build my credit and was recently approved for the Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN. You’ll find both of those cards on the long list of best business credit card of 2013.  The credit (and charge) cards listed below include a wide variety of fee options, rewards and spending perks so...

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The True Cost of Carrying a Credit Card

January 12th, 2013 by MIADanii

There are two kinds of spenders in this world: those that freak out over credit card fees, and those who choose to ignore them completely. We would never suggest you go against the crowd, but really, you don’t want to be in either of those groups. It is important to know what fees you are encountering when you’re using your credit card, and where those fees are coming from. This knowledge shouldn’t deter your spending, but rather it should help you control and monitor your finances in the future. Right now, we’ll discuss some of the most common fees and rates associated with credit cards so you can be prepared to cover them. Flat Fees Flat fees are...

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