Medical Student Loans Reviews

April 25th, 2007 by admin
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Life will be good again when my husband's medical student loans are paid off. As if the life of a medical student and resident isn't tortuous enough, you then have to deal with these awful medical student loans, which can easily top $200,000 by the end of training. They come from a variety of sources, including the government and private banking institutions. The private institutions are more than happy to hand out medical student loans to people, as they hope to keep your business for when you start making the real money (whenever that may happen). However, they have those pesky interest rates to contend with. If you are lucky, like we were, you will graduate during a period of extremely low interest rates and can then consolidate all of your various loans into one payment at a locked rate. If I have any piece of advice, it


Loans for Students And other Financial Aids

April 12th, 2007 by admin
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Well, these are redundant questions that the majority of us grapple with. Fortunately there are forms of financial aid available to students. You can apply for grants, federal and state, and to really get you out of that financial bind, there are loans for students. Personally, I wanted to avoid working completely while attending college. Wouldn't that be ideal? Your room, food, and all expenses covered; your only concern is getting homework done and studying for that midterm. We all want this kind of college life. While a few of us achieve this perfect dream, many of us are stuck in the real world. We know we have bills to cover and studies to complete. We need some sort of balance. This is where loans for students come in handy. Financial aid is a great college benefit to take advantage of. Sure, you don't want to accrue some heart-stopping debt over the next four years, but it would be nice to put most


Consolidate Your Government Student Loans

March 31st, 2007 by admin
Tip For Your Helps As part of seeking student loans, you need to make a thorough assessment of what expenses you will be encountering in regard to attending school over the course of the coming semester and the coming year. You need to determine specifically what your tuition costs will be each semester for the year.

One of the biggest burdens faced by today's students is the repayment of expensive student loans. In a day where room, board, tuition, and books can push college bills up past 20, 30, even 40 thousand dollars per year, many students are finding themselves in serious debt upon leaving college.

Even with a good job lined up, you may find that you will be repaying your loans well after leaving school, after you are married, and still be paying your student loan off as your children get ready for their college education! Who needs that? You certainly don't! There may be a way for you to tackle your student loan debt in the form of a government student loan consolidation. Please keep reading for more details.


Are Student Loans Dischargeable When You Fill for Bankruptcy?

March 19th, 2007 by admin
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Student debt and "undue hardship"

If you are buried deep in debt but your debt is mainly student debt you may want to reconsider bankruptcy since almost all student loans are non-dischargeable. The law is clear when it comes to student loan debt: Unless repayment causes the debtor undue hardship, courts won't allow discharge of student debt.

The above is applicable to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy too. So in order to be able to get discharged from student debt you'll need to meet the "undue hardship" requirement. This concept implies an excessive poorness caused by the debt that would affect the ability of the debtor of paying for basic needs. The main difficulty is to prove undue hardship.

Tip For Your Helps Parent Student Loans - Parent student loans are issued to the parents of dependent students. So the parent has to make the repayments on completion of his/her child's study.



Consolidating Student Loans Under $10,000

February 13th, 2007 by admin
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Before we get to the answer, you should firstly ask yourself do I need to consolidate my student loan that's under $10,000? Believe it or not a $10,000 student loan debt is not a very large one. If you're still studying or going to keep studying then the best thing to do is not to consolidate your loan just yet. When consolidating your loans you'll reduce your monthly payments however once you've consolidated your loans not every lender will be happy when you want to re-consolidate your loan again. However there are ways to re-consolidate your student loans but we'll get to that in a minute. To answer the question, yes you can consolidate your loan if it's under $10,000 however the lowest amount you can consolidate is around $7,500. If you've got anything lower than this amount it is not worth consolidating. Suppose your still studying and are thinking of lower your repayments. The first thing you should do before consolidating is to see if


Bankruptcy and Student Loans

February 6th, 2007 by admin
Tip For Your Helps Private Student Loans - Private Student Loans are issued by private institutions like banks, lenders, etc. Like other types of student loans they finance the studies of the student by granting a loan, which is to be repaid on completion of the studies.
Student loans can be a burden on anyone. With other bills piling up and your student loans to pay on top of that, sometimes people seek bankruptcy as a way out. If you find yourself in this category, then please pay careful attention to the rest of this article! You need to understand these points before you even consider bankruptcy as an option.
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The first misconception is that bankruptcy is an end-all be-all for debt. That's not true! If you file for bankruptcy, your lenders will still expect you to pay your student loans and you are still obligated to do so. The only way to get out of paying them is to prove that your student


Your Helps for Student Loans Here

January 25th, 2007 by admin
Tip For Your Helps Your choice of online student loans payment plan.
Are you headed off to college? Well, congrats on taking that next big step. Now it's time for reality to kick in with a vengeance. If mom and dad aren't footing the tuition bill, then it's certainly time to start searching for student loans. When we finish high school, a great weight is lifted. It's a good feeling to be done with that dry and awkward phase of life. Finally, it's time to venture out on our own. Maybe gain some independence. Oh, and don't forget, grapple with some hefty expenses. However, don't fret; financial aid is just around the corner. Your need for student loans is inevitable, but at least it's easy. The cool thing about financial aid these days is the access. Now, I don't necessarily mean that there are more funds at our beck and call, but it is certainly simpler to apply for them. With the keyboard at our fingertips, we can whip through FAFSA and apply for student loans with ease. The government has a large chunk of money available each year. If you're a