There are many ways to get your Credit Report Information, and one of those is to request it from the three major Credit-Reporting agencies. If you have been denied Credit for any reason, you will have thirty days to request a free copy of your Credit Report from the agency in question. You are also entitled to one free Credit Report a year. You can get all of your Credit Report Information in one shot, and it will not cost you anything. This is a new thing, so you should find more information about where to get it, and how to go about obtaining the information. Experts would suggest you keep better track of your Credit Report Information by checking it more than once a year. If you are trying to repair your Credit, you will want to see it more than once a year so you know how you are faring in your endeavor. While checking your Credit once a year is free, you will have to pay to see it more often. You can request your Credit Report Information at anytime by going online or offline and paying a fee. Many times these reports can