Good Tax Software Starting From $9.99

April 2nd, 2007 by admin
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These days, however, filing your taxes has become a lot easier thanks to the many different tax software programs that you can pick up at your local computer center or from online retailers. Tax software programs assist you with preparing the government forms and other paperwork you need to file your return. The level of assistance that you get from the tax software really depends on which program you choose.
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It used to be that only certified accountants knew how to navigate through all of the complicated steps of filing taxes in such a way as to yield the highest refund or the lowest liability possible. And of course in order to take advantage of the accountant's knowledge, you had to pay a substantial hourly or flat rate -- which often ended up negating a significant portion of any refund you might have had coming to you.


Accounting and Billing Procedures for Small Business

March 5th, 2007 by admin
Tips The accounting officer is required to: determine whether the financial statement are in accordance with the accounting records, determine the accounting policies applied in the preparation of the financial statement and report to members on the above matters.

No matter how small your small business is, it is essential to have some sort of accounting and billing police and methodology. This will prevent you from making mistakes and upsetting vendors or even bouncing checks.

Most sole proprietor and single employee companies do not have a plan of attack for accounting and billing procedures until there is a crisis. There is no sense in allowing a crisis to take hold, especially when a few procedures are set in place to prevent it. Remember Noah built the Ark before the rain.

Below you will see a simplistic outline to help you and guide you along as you develop your own accounting and billing policies to insure you are paid on time and pay your bills when they are due. Now then, my business will be slightly different than your business so you may wish to slightly modify this outline


Accounting Job Interview

February 7th, 2007 by admin
Tips A discussion of the treatment of incomplete records is useful for various reasons. First, it emphasises the advantage of a comprehensive double accounting system.
Accounting Job Interview is the way by which an accounting company finds its right candidate for accounting operations. Like any other interview, accounting job interview comprises of a set of questions - both technical and general - that is meant to assess the candidate on his skills and abilities to see if he/she suits the job better. Yes, an accounting job interview can be a stressful ordeal for a new candidate facing it. But remember, every accounting job interview is a two way deal where the company is evaluating the candidate and him/her in turn analyzing the company to see if it is the right place to work. Before delving into the details of accounting job interview questions, a few words on the general attitude a candidate should be showing all through the ordeal. In the accounting job interview, respond to the needs and of both you and the interviewer. Not one or the other! In an accounting job interview, listen to the interviewer closely. Retain your


Accounting Job Descriptions

January 30th, 2007 by admin
Tips Future articles will deal with the concepts of cost accounting, then budget setting in more detail.
There are a number of categories in the field of accounting jobs for the job applicant. All of them focus on the financial operation of a company, and offer various and rewarding opportunities. Those coming straight out of the college campus must look for entry-level jobs like account clerk and pay clerk. However, by virtue of gaining experience they will be able to move higher in the chain and get supervisory positions subsequently. But those with higher qualifications, like a Master's degree in Accountancy, can directly enter the supervisory cadre. The supervisory employee supervises accounting functions and prepares reports and statistics detailing financial results. They must coordinate activities and reports with other departments. However, focusing on one or two areas, like Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Budget etc., will enhance the employee's experience. By gaining more experience, the job applicant can find more interesting and better paid jobs. By having a Master's degree in accountancy, the job applicant can get managerial positions as well. In fact, the role of an Accounting Manager mainly revolves around