For all you know, someone could be stealing Credit information right under your nose. They could be using your name and identity to buy Cellular Phones, order Credit Cards. They could even be renting homes, pretending that it is all in your name.

The first step to stop these egregious and destructive identity thefts is to get your free Credit Report online, so that you will know that they are happening. Actually getting your Credit restored is much more difficult, so it is important that you get a free Credit Report online to track if anything like this is happening as soon as possible.

To restore your Credit, if your identity has been stolen can take a good bit of time and money. Basically, you have to prove to your supposed Creditors that it was not you who bought whatever goods and services supposedly obtained in your name. This is no easy task, and can take at least six months to a year.

You can get a free Credit Report online anytime, according to some sites. However, is this online Credit Report really free? Well, yes and no. sometimes you can get one for free, but you have to give the site all kinds of personal information. They will pester you with spam from then on, or even perhaps (if they get your address) give you junk mail or annoying marketing phone calls.

More often than not, a free Credit Report online is anything but free. They usually make you sign up for some offer, perhaps with a trial membership to a service that traces your Credit and looks for irregularities, or even make you sign up for services that are totally unrelated to your free online Credit Report.

Still, getting a free Credit Report online might me worth it, if you can find a way to get one that is truly free (or at least cheap). You see, all kinds of things affect your Credit. Remember that time you forgot to pay the newspaperman that last ten dollars when you changed addresses? That damaged your Credit. The same thing with that time you made your Credit card payment late.

All of these things hurt your Credit, and will show up in your free Credit Report online. And that says nothing about the real problems people run in to, problems that they might not even notice if they do not get their free Credit Report online.

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