Collection agency workers go through training to learn different techniques to collect past due debts.  The following illegal tactics are used to scare consumers into paying their delinquent debts: persistent or threatening calls or letters, threat of legal action, referral to an attorney, pretending they are an old friend or neighbor, calling you by your first name to catch you off guard, sending falsified letters from attorneys.  Many of these tactics violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair Debt Practices Collection Act (FDPCA).

You can request that the collection agency contact you by mail only if you feel they are harassing you.  This provides you with evidence of any illegal tactics they may use.  A collection agency’s goal is to get the debt owed paid as soon as possible.  Stick to whatever arrangements you make with a collection agency, don’t let the collection agency scare you into doing something you don’t want to do or change your mind about how much you can afford.  How to Get Our of Debt:  Get an “A: Credit Rating for Free will help you stop the calls.

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