Need to Apply for Credit Card with 0 Balance Transfers?


Take Note When You Apply for Credit Card with 0 Balance Transfers

0 balance transfers are a popular feature when you apply for credit card, especially as part of introductory rates. People use them when they get new credit cards, because their old ones have rates that are too high and are crippling them financially.

Typically, apply for new credit card will have a lower rate than the one that you are paying, at least for the first six months, to lure you in and get you to use their card instead of the old one. They use o balance transfers as an incentive to get you to switch your old balance to their card at 0 apr for you. This is deffinitely a good deal for you, if it really is a low apr card.

The problem to apply for credit card is that it can be too good a deal, and you can get into further and further debts, until you can't get any new credit cards with 0 balance transfers and low apr. As a result, you'll have to start paying a high rate for your credit card, instead of the low rate you've been paying, and also pay lots of money to transfer your balance.

This happened to me once. I had lost my job while paying for my house, and was temping at a low end service industry job. Normally, it would have been enough to live on, but with my mortgage payments, I was racking up debt. Instead of dealing with it, I used low apr cards with 0 balance transfers to cover my high interest rate debt. This was a good idea for the first few months, but soon I began racking up debt faster than I would have thought possible.

When my six month low apr offers from my credit cards ran out, I tried to apply for credit card newly and get new 0 balance transfers to move my debt around, only to find out that no one was offering me them any more. They didn't even come in the mail! I was falling very quickly in to heavy debt.

Fortunately, I found a new job in an ad agency, and quickly began to make an income similar to what I had been making before, but the damage had already been done. Six years later, I am only just emerging from debt that I accrued during that period. A 0 balance transfer credit card can be very useful, but it is no substitute for responsible spending! In the future, I definitely will be more careful when coming to apply for credit card deals.

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