Where To Get A Credit Report?


A Credit Report With A Small Payment

Getting a credit report is a good idea if you are not sure about what your credit score may be. If you are planning on applying for a loan, buying a car, putting a down payment on a house, or simply applying for a credit card, you are going to want to know what kind of credit you have beforehand, and a credit report is the only sure way of knowing. If you've been rejected from a loan or credit card, a credit report will help you figure out why. Read more to know how to get a true credit report.

The good news is getting a credit report doesn't have to be such a chore anymore. You don't need to make any appointments, fill out any paper work, or even leave your house so long as you have an internet connection. There are a number of different sites today that offer you a credit report upon signing up. Prior to applying for a new credit card several years ago, I tried one of these site out just for the heck of it. Right off the bat I noticed a number of sites that claimed that they will give a credit report for free, so I tried one of these to start.

The first site I tried was indeed free, however I still have yet to receive a credit report from them. They required a credit card number, which I gave them, and bunch of other personal information, and then said that I would receive my credit report in the mail. Well, its several years later and I haven’t gotten one. Fortunately, they did not charge my account for anything, but nevertheless I regret ever signing up with them.

Your best bet, I soon learned, in getting a credit report is to use one well known and respected credit services such as Experian, or Equifax. There will charge you a small fee, usually around $30 USD, or more if you want a more detailed report.

Getting an accurate credit report is well worth this small fee, however. Overall, my advice before getting a credit report is to spend a few minutes researching different credit report sites. Don't be fooled by offers of free credit reports, because there are likely strings attached. There are no free lunch in this world even on the Internet.

Additionally, there is always the danger that the site you are signing up on is a complete fraud designed just for collecting peoples personal information for illegal use or so called "Spam". Don't let those spamming companies overload your email inbox. Looking into it a little before signing up for a credit report may save you a lot of headaches later on.

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